RAQUM. Concept.


Like other marketplaces, RAQUM Trade will allow selling or(and) buying goods and services, but it will be done more easier and quicker, thanks to 500+ amazing innovations!

Marketplace and Phone Directory as a whole

Directory will be great for search of all possible local businesses, non-business locations, government institutions and companies. In addition to cataloging city locations and local business, RAQUM Directory will combine the professional independent reviews and social networking functionality. And, because Directory and Trade were built to work together, all the features or services that you can have in Trade, already build in to Directory and vice versa.

Directory will transform local search just in something amazing. By improve the search field and the output of listing result, placed properly the space for advertising messages, etc., we make the search so simple, intuitive and convenient that you at the first sight will know, what and how works. Also, the local search will be very diverse. So for the search can be used a certain key, depending on that what is currently seeking the user (e.g. McDonald's, grocery shop, etc.) or for search can be used the city location of the user relative to the object or area from which the search should be started, also the search can be based on specifying a certain parameters for the location point of the searched object and so on.

Adding independent professional reviews and social web functionality to the Directory services, will allow accelerate the processes on modernization of the enterprise by directly interacting with customers.

Be in the know that, what customers say.

Full personalization.

RAQUM Phone Directory will provide a opportunity to create a personal web pages for maximal satisfaction of any corporate requirements. No matter do you have the personal domain name, do want to create a personal layouts design or do just use the corporate colors and symbols. Also will be an possibility to create a pages using HTML5 or adding to the standard Phone Directory pages additional pages with individual design.

Visual builder «How to get there?»

In order, that clients able to find the office of your company quicker, has been created special visual builder of making routes. Using the builder will be able to build a visual route for example from underground station to the door of your company. A huge toolset will allow to build routes both for clients using private vehicles and for clients using public transport.

Social company details

How often have you been faced with situation when calling in some company or government institutions, and at the other end no one was answering or saying that you were wrong with phone number or was always occupied, or have faced with a company deliberately hidden their contact information, in order to avoid responsibility for bad given service or sale sub-quality goods. In future, if you will faces with similar situation and will find way out of it, you will be able to help other people avoid it?

Professional reviews from Raqum.

RAQUM Directory will give an independent professional review for any institutions, companies, manufactories, etc., no matter what kind of business they occupy and what form of ownership they belong to, mainly that it has been an activity directed at the common consumer. A huge network of secret agents, sacrificing with own health and financial situation, in any time around the clock will be visiting an incognito various institutions, giving independent and honest review of the service provided to them or the product sold them. Besides review, will be awarded rating to the business or the service provided. Company rating will be conducted by several parameters. Each parameter will be rated separately. In the future, users of Dictinary will be able to sort the list of found companies as by specific parameter of rating so and by arithmetical mean value.

Live contacts

With live contacts you can keep your contact information, financial and other contact details of your company automatically up to date both on the official company page and RAQUM Directory page. So when you add, delete, or change something on your official company page, the changes automatically appear on your RAQUM Directory page. And vice versa. Also, when creating your page on RAQUM Phone Directory, you will able to create part of the page simply import data from your personal page, thereby turned on the Live contacts feature automatically.

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