RAQUM. Concept.


Like other marketplaces, RAQUM Trade will allow selling or(and) buying goods and services, but it will be done more easier and quicker, thanks to 500+ amazing innovations!

Open your own e-business or start selling goods
in seconds with no fee.

No one's amazed in our time with ability to selling items thought internet or with creating personal online store with personal design. Electronic business became an essential part of every modern company from corporate giants, the names of which are always known to everybody to small companies and personal businesses about which everybody never heard of. An opportunity to sell thought internet for many companies are an access to global customer market, blow basting laid out of new items, logistically gain and less profitable, than have real retail store network, and for customers are more convenient and mainly the big time saving.

YEvery entrepreneur are always in search of new markets to increasing marketing of own goods or services, not depending from enterprise size. And where to find a new clients as in Internet, the audience of which are more than 2 billion of potential customers from who almost 50% live in West Europe, North America and in former USSR countries. Especially as creating and supporting of an online store is more easier and less expensive, as open and keep a real trade space. And for those, who don't have real company, can certainly be found items in the closet or on the attic which needed or worth to be sold out.

There’s the old way of creating photo galleries, then there’s the iPhoto way. Select a group of photos and iPhoto automatically flows them into a beautiful journal that’s fun to personalize and share online. Touch a photo to make it bigger or smaller. Or drag it to a different spot on the screen. iPhoto adjusts the page around whatever you’re doing, so your journal always looks great.

Online stores with special design for diferent kind
of goods and businesses.

Beautiful and created from the ground of user interface design became an starting point of concept. For each category of selling items at RAQUM Trade will be exists its own unique interface.
One of the pleasant innovation will be Visual demonstration shelves, using of which buyer will be easier to choose, for example display size when buying a television. When has seen display sizes of televisions in 65, 55, 46 or 42 inches in comparison, they for sure will preferred to buy, that in which display is bigger.

RAQUM Trade will be full of amazing innovations, created for easing life as for sellers that creating lots, so as buyers that purchasing them. Advanced search of items, revised from scratch the output layouts of the lists of searched items, it filtering, the innovative layout of item showcase, the attractively goods laid out on the online stores shelves, leave no one indifferent customer.

Doesn't matter how many items on the virtual shelves of your store 10, 100 or thousands, the design team have attended to the effect that adding items on store shelves has been easy and automated as much as possible.

Don't like standard graphic design? Just change it.

If the seller decide standard design of the store not special, boring or inappropriate to they corporate style, they always will be able to change the main design elements, such as color design of the store, using a corporate colors. add a logo, etc., therewith all this changes can be done for free!

For more hard-to-pleased seller will be proposed create a store they dream of, using personal layout design of the store, which will be easy to implement using Store Creator Constructor.

Fees only for extra features.

When register at RAQUM Trade every seller received for free everything that needed to creating a big garage sale or a small store! And if the seller will be needed a store with a big number of items, a few stores at the same time, in using an addition domain privileges when accessing to own store, use personal design or advertisement banners in promotion of own store or some other additional features, they always will be able to buy them for small payments. Addition services will be selling separately or in package, that allow to have a few services at the same time.

Easy to use payment system.

You can choose from over 1000 available third-party Audio Unit plug-ins to expand your instrument and effects collection. And ReWire lets you use Logic Pro with specialized applications such as Reason and Live. Trigger and sequence your instruments from Logic Pro, route your signals directly into the Logic Pro mixer, and have everything running in perfect sync.

Very precious UI and UX design.

After researching many of marketplaces available in the market, we have added more than 500+ new changes and innovations to user interface (UI) as for buyers, so a lot of attention was given to adding and accounting of items by the sellers, especially when the seller have a thousands of items, etc.

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