Brisk DAP 2.5 for MacOS. Concept.

Audio player with Advanced design, Live broadcasting,
Fast editing, Markers and full bunch of useful features.

Amazing user interface designed from the scratch.

Almost everything that Brisk can do, it can be seen at once, when you open the application. Everything what you need are in the right place and when you need it. You never had been seen audio player interface like Brisk has, before.

You will be amazed how easy to navigate through your Library. You can explore your music collection in Album list, Cover list and Cover flow list. Each view mode was redesigned from the top to down to let you enjoy the music with no thought how to use it. With Album list view, you can see your album collection at a glance and advanced searching and sorting features let you quickly find album or track, you want to play for relaxing out, working out, or partying out. Every time, when you expand an album in your library in this mode, you will be automatically switched to the Cover flow view. The Cover flow will be not only the way to list your album content, but also more fun, exciting and easy way to navigate through your music collection. And when you go fullscreen, all interface will be dramatically changing to make your music listening experience even more amazing. If you want to see your music library in detailed view, you need to switch to Covers. In any time you can choose a list view mode, which you like the most.

If you want to edit song or album tags on the fly, it’s no problem, just change the list state by switching the toggle switch to the ‘Edit’ position and you ready to go, it’s so simple.

Everything that happen inside Brisk can be seen at the main screen. Displays song name, rating, elapsed or remaining time, when you paused or muted the song, when you plugged the headphones, the song detailed information and so on. Every song information available on the screen are editable with one click without switching from task that you are doing. It’s so cool.

And by using the Command button you will be able to increase double the player functionality.

Markers and favorite song parts.

Markers will be an amazing feature that let you do so much with your soundtracks. Markers will be the easiest way for everybody to mark something most imortant in the track. To add a marker during the file playback you need to use quick access key button on your keyboard or click remote control Marker button. To every marker you can add a title, comment, and much more. By using marker, you always able to proceed quickly to more important points of the track.

Another great feature about markers is ability to create Favorite parts. You will able to setting up more exactly the beginning of the part and when it ends, up to second you need, using visual sound wave and zooming. With Brisk you can always enjoy the favorite song parts that you loved so match again and again, without wasting time on searching for them.

And even when you close the Wave flow you will able to see and quickly navigate between all of your markers and favorite parts using the song control bar, keyboard shortcuts, Remote control or iOS app.

Another great feature about Wave flow, will be ability to do a fast audio editing.

Audio editing features.

Build in audio file editor puts complex sample editing capabilities right in Brisk player. You don't need anymore edit your track in third party audio editors. Brisk lets you polish your track in no time. Cut, copy, paste, or move regions using a variety functions. All with a powerful set of tools that let you focus on what you want to do — not how to do it.

Support for a huge number of music formats

With Brisk player, you can play any type of audio file you want. Even multichannel file formats, like Dolby Surround Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS-ES and DTS 96/24 can be played in one place. And no need to install additional software or plugins. Just drug your music album or file to Brisk library and enjoy.


Brisk was created with thought about automatization. Automatization will just make life of music lovers more easier. The most annoying things like automatic removal of disliked songs, calculation of average album rating, music collection updating if new folder or file in folder was added and much more. Brisk even can track your files when you rename or move them. Even such simple thing as column weight will be created automatically.

Do you remember how it's annoying and make you crazy when after you reinstalled OS X and than you open iTunes and you see that your music library is blank. With Brisk just forget about such things! All in Brisk designed to play and enjoy the music, but with all other tasks are Brisk job.

Live broadcasting. Live playlist. And Live DJing.

It’s never been easier to create of your own online live broadcasting. And in addition with the Brisk Live Playlist and the Native Instruments Traktor platform, creating of your own online radio station will be turned into the real pleasure.

To create you own online broadcasting in Brisk you need to click plus on main menu bar. Choose from opened menu Create live broadcasting. Named your station. Choose what tracks you want to broadcast and add them to live broadcasting station that you just created and click Broadcast button to start Live Broadcasting. Voilà. It’s so simple, your station is online.

Every created station will be added to Global Brisk broadcasting playlist.

Brisk will be offer for listeners to quickly find a station for right mood from a huge amount of radio stations, both well-known on-line radio stations and less known, like yours just created, using the easy-to-use interface of station search, stations classifier by countries and music categories and more.

Using the Live Playlist you will be enabled to add track you loved in any second into the playlist of Live broadcast, from the musical library collection in one click.

Creating and broadcating live with using Native Instruments Traktor and Ableton Live!

Another one amazing possibility of Brisk will be using of Native Instruments Traktor in creation of the live radio broadcasting. Creative potential of any radio DJ will be taken to a hole new level by using this world-known and leading DJ software, with simultaneously of 4 decks playback, Loop Recorder, Sample Decks and over 30 effects will allow to create live music sets in the live broadcast.

Always Synchronized.

When installing a Brisk players, you will be offered to create a personal account on the Brisk server cloud. Depending on your requirements all your Brisk profiles can be synchronized by the Brisk cloud automatically, manually or set upped by using simple rules. Also you can select what exactly you want to synchronize from music collection: music library, bookmarks, live playlists, favorites or etc to the cloud.

Whatever change you've done into your music collection, would it be adding a music albums or tracks or shortcut creation, album rating changing or adding a new song to the favorites, track or artist name correction, album cover update or whatever else, Brisk will synchronize all your changes across your other Brisk players. You don't even need to get worry about where you stopped listening to the recording, album or audiobook, with Brisk Sync, all your devices automatically remember where you left off.

An for those who wants to extend the power of Brisk Player even farther we create a Brisk mobile app.

With Brisk mobile app, you can do both, use your iOS device to control Brisk on your Mac and play uploaded music from your Mac or PC.

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