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Windows 10

Part 2. 10 steps to make Windows great again

1. Rewrite Windows from the ground up. System core should be only 64-bits.

Instead of continually improving Windows OS core, Microsoft should developed a hole new from the scratch. When creating consider the functioning of OS on different devices (Desktops and Laptops PCs, Tablets), including how Windows will interact with other operating systems and etc. As example, Windows save battery of mobile devices much worth than it did for example OS X. Notwithstanding the fact that exists 64-bits version of Windows, but many programs still are only available in 32-bits and etc. Even One drive and Skype are still 32-bits software. Other example of cooperation of two popular OS’s. When working in one Wifi network, Windows users as OS X users could be available in AirDrop.

Developing the ОС from the scratch also will allow to redesign or reconsider existence of a big number of outdated apps and services, such as Computer management, Event Viewer, Register, Paint, Wordpad and so on. In our time Paint for example could be improved to something like Autocad Sketchbook and so on.

Windows Installer should be designed, instead of old one. Idea that used now is outdated long time ago and has nothing in common with modern user interface design, for example, as Windows 10 has in our days.

NTFS file system needed some improvements too. Outdated and complex security system of permissions, files access and share also need the improvement.

All Windows GUI should be fully redesigned from the ground up, as a result that will lead to full design unification for all Windows applications with new Windows design guidelines and enables to clear a few gigabytes of free space on a hard drive.

User interface of many apps migrated from earlier Windows versions should be improved or redesigned according to new interface building rules and should using modern design layouts.

Ribbon should be transformed in simple, one line toolbar, tools in which will be auto changing depending from tasks that users are doing.

Last important but not least. Microsoft should attend attention to default fonts smoothness, making fonts pleasant to watch and making them look more like fonts on mobile devices, like it was in Windows 8 tile dashboard or it is in OS X. That will allow, for example, showing pages in browsers more aesthetically beautiful.

The future name for such improved Windows, for example, could be named Windows New.

2. Windows available in sales in three additions: Windows, Windows Mobil, Windows Server.

This will enables to get rid off confusions for users about how to differ one addition from another one. For installing additional modules for example, such as Bit Locker or Enterprise features, user could go to Windows Store, open section Windows extensions or Windows Enterprise and buy there an extra software. There will be no need for Microsoft to fool around users with many different additions.

3. Should be only one app for setting up Windows.

Microsoft should simplified Windows system settings to minimum. First of all, logically divide settings options on sections for easy search and for decrease its amount. And second of all, for setting up Windows should on only be used Settings app. Other application like Control panels and so on must be gone in history.

4. Create a Mobile Space.

Mobile Space can save cross platform idea and increase popularity of Windows Mobile apps. Mobile spaсe will be such a space where can be launched every applications created for mobile devices (phone or tablets) on desktop PC. And for customers with tablets it enables to have a fully adapted mobile workspace in no time.

5. Redesigned Start. Make it more useful.

New Start enables to create alternative Starts menus or Personal Panes, for example Microsoft family applications could be placed on Office Start Pane, for Microsoft Visual Studio can be created Dev Studio Start, For adobe it could be Adobe Pane and so on. Also could be possible to create a Start menus for groups of applications mostly used by the user, for example Games Start.

6. Improved Windows for social network communications

Windows should be improved for more comfortable work with social networks. To do this in Windows should be implemented more features for work with Social Networks, it could be done as in browser Edge so as by creating ability to wright quick messages through Cortana assistant. In addition to massages should appear ability in different applications to share a different data from different apps with friends or colleges.

7. Redesigned File Explorer.

Again, Ribbon should be redesigned in File Explorer, the tabs should be added as well as left pane should be improved. Could be created a different workflow modes. As example Dual Browser mode. In this mode, for example, will be available a feature for duplicate files finding or also it could be quick comparison of files in different folder, and etc. Some of this ideas we already did in our Interface oncept ideas part.

8. Improved Notifications.

Notification Center should became for functional and informative. Actions for receiving notifications messages should be improved. This action should has more possibilities. The interface design of Notifications and Notification centre itself needs an improvement work.

9. Redesigned Backup features.

How Microsoft did not trying, so they can’t create a simple in use system for backup copying of files on Windows. New system is needed to be easy in setting up and easy in use. For Windows users losing a files is a very big problem in our days, for the reason of losing files from virus attack and even professional user could delete some files by mistake and etc.

10. Windows desperately needs a new good designed video and audio playing apps.

At the present moment there are no video or audio players for Windows out there with good design and big amount of great features. Available Windows Media Player is outdated and lose the relevance. And as www understand Microsoft in Windows 10 just loose an interest to continue supporting this app. New ones (Grove Music for playing music and Movies and TV for playing video) created for it replacement also not deserve any attention. From third part developers, except VLC that more like a video player than an audio. And Apple iTunes that is more created for working with Apple mobile devices and selling audio content, because for rest of the work it looks ridiculously on Windows, than useful. And, nothing more left. No… We forgot about PowerDVD from Cyberlink. It’s great for video playing, but it has not the most user-friendly interface out there and it’s pretty expensive too. Other players are stack in the begging of millennium as by interface design, so as by functionality. If you love to listen to some tunes or watch a good movie the Windows OS is not your choose in our days.

Quick overview of next part...

In next part Improvement ideas for Windows 10 design, we will be showing on design examples, how we can make Windows great again. And don't miss some of our concept ideas and new features for Windows in this article too. All this coming next... And we will be very happy and honored if this ideas will be useful for Windows management team. Also will be great to work with Microsoft team in future to improved Windows design with our ideas.

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