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Admin.WEB. Concept.

Web libraries and frameworks

Because of that fact that Admin.WEB is a frame system, that is for extending its functionality it will be use a web libraries and frameworks, the developers receive a amazing set of possibilities for developing of both individual solutions for the specific customer needs and the ready-to-use template solutions for the maximally wide range of tasks.

Web libraries and frameworks integrated into the Admin.WEB, can contain the functionality useful for the maximally wide range of tasks. Nevertheless the developers will not need to combine functions in their libraries and/or frameworks that could suitable everywhere so far as the most part of functions, libraries, API and etc, may be not needed by the end user. That's why every developer noticed the weak points of the rivals or the absence of some functionality at all in the Admin.WEB, will able be to develop both a compact special-purpose library and universal framework with the possibility of widening the functionality because of the extra extensions.

For developers having in their portfolios the ready-to-use web libraries and frameworks will not be needed to rewrite their development from the scratch. In order that Admin.WEB can correctly interact with extension and start using all the programmed functionality, library and/or framework it will be enough to improve a little, at this for programmers having created the extension will not be needed to learn of additional programming languages. The documentation for development and adaptation of the Admin.WEB web libraries and frameworks will be published in subsequently during the work at the project.

The first version of Admin.WEB will support extensions developed with PHP, JavaScript, XML, PHP, Ajax ethnology and XSLT. In the next product versions the number of supported languages will considerably extended.

Well-known JavaScript web libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, Dojo, Prototype and MooTools will be adapted by the Admin.WEB development team and will be included on the preinstalled package.

Website templates

The Admin.WEB Development Platform will become an ideal choice both for professional web studios and for small web studios and freelance designers. When has chosen the Admin.WEB Development Platform, the developer will be able to create the design of web templates both for customers who need individual design template for system designing in compliance with the requirements and for the customers, who prefer to use the ready-to-use web templates.

Thanks to Model layout innovative technology, your clients will not be needed to learn basics of (X)HTML markup and the VTMDL technology will be able to provide the developer with maximum flexibility in the code and resources dedicated to the presentation logic. It doesn't important has your client a wishes to change the design of the web page, whole site or one element on the page, with Admin.WEB the site infrastructure will not be disturbed, page or object content, such as texts, graphics and etc will be restored by Admin.WEB automatically.

Using this unique technologies, you will be able to create a thousand of unique templates. The uniqueness of the platform is like, that the developer can create both completely the design of template and a single elements of interface, can make design of the site UI and etc. Also the development platform perfectly approach for companies that are developing advertising banners and other interactive elements.

Admin.WEB add-on store

Admin.WEB Extensions Shop will be the ideal place for distribution of web libraries, frameworks and web site templates. Perfect selling conditions, no hidden fees for extra service utility, instant transfer of sale profits and millions of clients around the world!

With Admin.WEB Extension Shop, you will spend less time on search extension and more time on work with it. For search convenience all the extensions will be sorted out by categories, each extension will get rating both of the Poeligon company and the users using it. You will be able to read the detailed developer's extension description, look at the extension screenshots and even to try it in action didn't installing it into your project. Users that already purchased extension will be able to share their opinions and if you still will have some doubt in reasonability of purchasing an extension, you will be able to ask questions you interested in, both to the developer and the users that purchased it. The downloaded extension will be independently installed without your participation.

The Admin.WEB will keep track of your extensions updates by its own. The Admin.WEB can download and install the extensions updates by its own or you can decide to install the update or not by your own. Each extension at the Admin.WEB shop will be checked in a rigorous manner and approved by the Poeligon company. By purchasing the extension you will be 100% sure that it does not contain errors or harmful code, will contain all the functionality announced by the developer.

This tokens will be emailed to developers after aprovel process by our aproval team will be finished.

Extensions approval

Every extension registered by the developer at the Admin.WEB shop, must be undergo the approval procedure. This will be done in order to find a sub-quality extensions, which can cause difficulties to user in the time of installing and further using of extension, also can contain errors or harmful programming code, that may cause failure of Admin.WEB core or system error of other already installed extensions and etc..

The rating of quality of application will be the green and red tokens. The Developer, the extension of which will be approved, will be received notification in the form of green token, on which will be recorded the application rating and its registry number for which token will be issued. If the extension not approved, the developer will be received the red token with stated the reason of refusal and instructions on its elimination. Once the errors have been during the development corrected, developer will have a right to send his development work for approving again.

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