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Today, we raised the curtain on one of ours
revolutinary inventions, world’s most advanced
web development and СМS software.

Here’s just a sneak preview for a few great features

Visual web programming.

The revolutionary visual programming technology integrated in Admin.WEB will allow developing the web project functionality of any complexity without any web programming skills in short periods of time.

When creating a website, two key factors of its effectiveness are design and functionality. If the website design can be ordered from an affordable freelancer or as the last resort, a suitable template can be found on the Internet, but programming functionality of the website is quite difficult, especially if you want to create something extraordinary. The visual programming technology integrated in Admin.WEB will allow visually developing the web project functionality with the ease of drag and drop. At your disposal will be a large visual developer toolkit for the using of which will not need to have programming skills.

Programmed the functionality of a visual tool, it can be used a form with set parameters. For building more complex functionality, you will have at your disposal a visual programming technology of sequence of actions, which save from the need to create a complex program code and will be like creating a simple commands in the russian language.

For example, you need to create functionality that will be saving data entered in the newsletter subscription form. First, you have to think about what kind of data users should enter when subscribing, which data are mandatory and which are not. Then you need to consider the behavior logics of each field in the form, and so on. For example, when using visual programming sequence of actions, logic of the field for entering user name and last name might be as follows: if the information entered consists only the letters, then the field value is correct, if the equality is not met, should be given a error message, special style to the field object should be applied, etc.

All visual functionality created by you will be automatically converted by Admin.WEB interpreter to program code which will contain no errors and you will not have to spend time on its debugging. At the first stage, Admin.WEB will support PHP, JavaScript and XML visual programming and using AJAX and XSLT technologies.

If for developing functionality of the project tools pre-installed in Admin.WEB will be not enough for you, you will always be able to use an additional extensions that can be purchased at the Admin.WEB Store or developed by you independently.

Web libraries and frameworks

When Admin.WEB has installed you will find dozens of pre-installed libraries and frameworks in it's arsenal. For example, such needed JavaScript libraries and frameworks as Dojo Toolkit, jQuery, MooTools and Prototype will be adapted and pre-installed for visual programming in Admin.WEB. With further Admin.WEB project development, more of the new and more functional libraries and frameworks will be appear, in order to enable you to develop projects of any complexity.

Buid-in Content Managemant Software.

The embedded content management software will enable not only carry on the development of the project, but also connect the web development project to the CMS on the fly.

Long-term investigations of different Content Management Systems (CMS) allowed us to create a unique software which due to deep integration with the development system, intuitive and clear interface and amazing innovative technologies will enable you to connect a parts of the project on the fly, automating a large number of a small and monotonous tasks, simplified the process of working with content of the page, changed the process of working with databases and web programming languages, provided a wide opportunities for management of a ready-to-use web libraries and frameworks and much more, giving you a possibility to control any part of your project in several clicks of mouse, forever altering your established notion about ​​the Web project content management.

Layout grid

Layout grid allow to embed a web design of any complexity virtually on the fly. For using Template grid you should have thorough knowledge of HTML, XHTML and CSS.

Using innovative developments, including VTMDL (Visual Text Markup Dynamic Language), you will not have to hire a whole department of programmers every time you redesign of one block or an entire whole website, you will be able to easily replace easily the existing design with new one, for all that the functionality of your website will not suffer. If you are an experienced designer and you know the markup languages or you do not wish to use ready-made templates and you have a personal design, then this is just what you need.

Desktop Content Management System Constructor

Create an application software is a sufficiently difficult task, but application that would manage your web project, but include at the same time too a wide variety of functions is even difficult. With Admin.WEB you will be able in a short time without of programming languages knowledge and without using a ready-made templates, design an application you need from scratch and after completion of design, compiling it for Mac OS X, Windows and iPad!

Admin.WEB will provide you with everything you need to design CMS applications. You will be offered two options for creating them. The first one is creating applications with using professional templates and the second one is creating application from scratch, however regardless of the option you choose, your application can have personalized interface design, individual functionality and architecture of interaction between the application and web projects, will be able to using a cloud for data synchronization, multi-user work mode with application and editable data, multilingual user interface and much more. After completing application development, you will be able to compile the complete application for Windows and Mac OS X and for expanding the functionality of Admin.WEB will be able to create a special app for Apple iPad. You will be entitled to sell the completed application, if you choose to do so. All this and much more, you will be able todo in a short term without knowledge of programming languages and having no need of a huge programmer staff!

Database constructor.

Build-in feature to developing the databases of any complexity, including the key-value databases.

For those who appreciate working with MySQL databases, Admin.WEB will be able to offer an amazing solution with the help of which it may display the database structure in an easy-to-use form which strongly resembling the tables in Excel or Apple Tables. Such form allows you to speed up work with imported data (adding, deleting and modifying data on the fly using the drag and drop), automates the process of connecting data to the web project, eliminates need of a huge staff personnel and more.
For demanding users, Admin.WEB will offer work with the key-value data model. This type of data saving allows quickly access to necessary information without overloading the server with complex queries and are easily scaled. Another advantage of these databases is that they do not require much space for data storage as compared with MySQL databases and cost of servicing them is much lower. The only disadvantages of such databases is the process of their creation and editing. Admin.WEB will automate this process, relieving you from such hard tasks.

Search, filtering and much more.

With Admin.WEB you will receive an unlimited development possibilities in interface creating, reading, updating and deleting data, i.e. performing CRUD operations with the ease of drag and drop, regardless of whether your database was developed by third parties developers or by Admin.WEB means.

By using CRUD opportunities you will be able to create interfaces to search records in the database, customize and filter search results, data collection and classification, system control and much more. But possibility to use AJAX technology and JavaScript will essentially extend the user opportunities in in searching for information. Admin.WEB will also automatically create the necessary SQL code which will be error-free.

Visual Constructor for Google Services API

Creating of the web application on the basis of the Google Maps platform and adoption of the Google's AdSense advertising, using visual tools and simplicity of drag and drop.

Management system for Advertisment

Admin.WEB is a amazing system for creating professional banner networks and conducting
large-scale commercial advertising campaigns.

It doesn't matter will you want to create one commercial ad or a complex professional banner network, in any case Admin.WEB will give you an opportunity to choose an Internet advertising format, create new or duplicate already existing ad massages to other pages for conducting large-scale or multiple Internet advertising campaigns. Banner advertising management system will enable you to get full access to independent statistics, where you and your advertisers will be able to independently optimize advertising costs, sort out target audience, optimize there coverage, control the advertising exposure frequency, analyze user behavior for advertising campaign, have independent analysis results of advertising campaign always under hand and much more.

Multy language constructor.

Admin.WEB can become an irreplaceable tool in creating of multilingual interfaces. And of course, Admin.WEB will not help in learning foreign languages, but will provide all the possible tools for its creating, making your work easy to use as much as possible.

XML constructor.

Embedding and editing of RSS feeds and XSLT objects of a different complexity with help of a comfortable interface.

Using Admin.WEB's visual tools, you will be able to easy create the XSLT tables of styles with help of XPath query language, apply them to the XML document, transforming it in correct XHTML code, other XML-form or simple text, apply XML templates to the Flash and Silverlight generated XML document, develop and import of the XML.

Build-in constructor for creating Raqum Trade online stores.

We're working on this article here. Soon it became avalible.

Import of any kind of share and interactive content

Using visual tools and drug and drop, you will able to add to the pages of your project Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, video from video hosting portals (YouTub, Vimeo and etc), web analytics tools and much more, making your project more functional and information-rich.

Import a WorkPress

With Admin.WEB you will able to create an identical copy of a Workpress project. Transfer Wizard embedded in Admin.WEB will transfer structure and content, find identical replacement for the installed extensions (plug-ins , etc.) and etc, at that, you will not lose a byte of one's own valuable information and outward appearance of the website will be look as well as before. If within 30 days from the moment of purchase you decide reasonable to reject using Admin.WEB, you will be refunded the money spent and Admin.WEB will bring your project to its original appearance!

By choosing Admin.WEB development platform, the developers get a grandiose number of development opportunities both for customers who require individual approach to designing systems in accordance with their requirements and for customers who prefer to use ready-to-use solutions for the maximum range of tasks.

Admin.WEB Add-on Store will be the perfect place for distributing web libraries, frameworks, and website templates. Ideal sales conditions, no extra charges for additional service services, instantaneous transfer of revenue from sales and thousands of customers around the world!

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